From delivery tracking to mining fleet management, emergency services, and mobile healthcare providers, GPS tracking is a mission-critical tool in business today.

GPS tracking technology for fleet management uses robust tracking devices and proprietary software to simplify and optimise large-scale operations. 

GPS trackers modernise fleet management. They improve staff safety. They reduce costs, improve productivity, and streamline route planning. But when it comes to fleet management in Perth, there are unique considerations to ensure you’re getting the best GPS tracking solution for your needs.

Let’s pinpoint what you need to know about GPS tracking for fleet management.

5 reasons you need a professional GPS fleet management system

1) Minimised risk

In many cases, a GPS tracker is an essential safety device required to comply with Duty of Care, Fatigue Management, and Chain of Responsibility legislation. 

WebTrack’s fleet management technology puts safety first, with features that simply don’t exist in off-the-shelf GPS apps:

  • Calculating driving time and rest stops
  • Notifications when a driver is approaching a rest period
  • Alerts when a driver exceeds the safe driving time
  • Speed alerts
  • SOS pendants
  • Reliable electronic records

Whether in mining, utilities, mobile healthcare, or long-distance transport, drivers (and vehicles) are exposed to risk on Australian roads. Safety should be the top priority when implementing GPS fleet management systems.

2) Optimised routes

Route optimisation makes a driver’s job more enjoyable and cuts business costs.

A recent study from Verizon in the US found GPS fleet tracking technology:

  • Improved routing for 42% of businesses
  • Improved productivity for 46% of businesses
  • Reduced fuel costs by 10%
  • Cut labour costs by 10%

Those are some pretty significant gains. As costs continue rising and the labour market becomes more competitive, every competitive advantage helps.

3) Smarter resource allocation

Verizon’s study found that more than half (52%) of reporting businesses recorded a positive ROI in 12 months. Nearly one-third (31%) needed just 6 months to reach that milestone.

GPS fleet management technology is designed to optimise large-scale operations. For example, WebTrack’s system provides user-friendly dashboards that report on key data, including:

  • Speeding
  • Idle time
  • Driving time
  • Routes
  • Client visits
  • Proof of delivery

We also supply a GPS tracker for heavy machinery that helps fleet managers with preventative maintenance, unauthorised use, and emergency alerts. 

4) More accurate asset tracking

Australia’s wide-open spaces and patchy mobile phone reception have traditionally made fleet management tricky.

GPS trackers overcome these issues. For example, WebTrack’s fleet management technology incorporates satellite tracking and mobile phone networks, ensuring consistent coverage anywhere in the country.

From remote mining fleet management systems to GPS trackers that follow fleets across the country, WebTrack enables you to keep an eye on your entire operation. 

5) Easier planning

Industrial and logistics operations rely on many interdependent moving parts. 

Fleet management systems take the guesswork out of time-consuming tasks, freeing up your time to focus on more important things.

With intelligent software and historical data, you can expect easier logistics planning:

  • Accurate job costing
  • Easier contract bidding
  • Pre-emptive maintenance alerts
  • Real-time workforce updates
  • Optimised routes
  • Faster request response time

It all adds up to better customer service and bottom-line benefits. Verizon found that 48% of operations used GPS tracking to improve customer service, which aligns with our experience as Perth’s fleet management technology experts.

Cutting-edge commercial GPS solutions since 1992

WebTrack has been Perth’s GPS tracking and fleet management leader for 30 years. Our technology and systems continue to evolve ahead of other manufacturers because we’re focused on improving our customer’s operations.

Safer driving, optimised planning, higher productivity, and lower costs are just some of the benefits you can expect from a WebTrack fleet management system.

Our specialised solutions include mining fleet management, heavy vehicle solutions, and fleet GPS tracking technology. Contact us to find out how we can help you.