Waste Management

The waste management sector is an industry that is embracing the benefits that GPS Tracking provides.

Companies and Local Government benefit enormously from always being fully aware of the status and location of each of their fleet in order to improve customer service, increase security and reduce costs; in particular where hazardous waste or high value recyclables are being transported.

Residential and commercial waste companies are now able to see in real time and through retrospective reporting the exact location and time waste was collected, bins emptied or areas were swept.

Waste companies are seeking new solutions to manage their fleets of vehicles, and being in a position to capitilise on new business opportunities that improve profitability and strengthen customer relationships is fundamental to any successful business. It has long been established that GPS real-time information gathered from waste management vehicles can be used to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs
  • Improve routing
  • Provide validation of Work
  • Consolidate fleet size
  • Increase utilisation

Industry experts claim that many operators do not know where over a third of their waste vehicles are at any one time. And even when they do, they still do not know the status of the vehicle, if it is secure, or is it operating efficiently.

Using the Web Track GPS Online Monitoring system, dispatchers will be able to monitor asset movements, status, and work undertaken from their computer screens and receive alerts to their mobile phone. This allows them to react quickly to prevent loss, optimise utilisation, and improve customer service by having access to critical management information.

Web Track monitoring units can be installed quickly and easily, and can provide status updates of critical events through automatic alerts via SMS or email.