As one of WA’s leading industries the mining sector brings it’s fair share of difficulties and safety issues to match the immense benefits it provides. Given the remote locations of the mine sites, spread across the vast land mass of Australia, and the challenges it provides to its many workers, mining can be a demanding and sometimes dangerous industry. To help both employers and employees work in a safer and more connected environment, the team at Web Track has refined an advanced GPS tracking device to provide coverage, SOS features, and a vehicle monitoring systems.

Vehicle tracking device

One of the main benefits of incorporating Web Track’s GPS vehicle tracking system into your company’s initiatives is the new technology we have developed that uses both communication satellite networks and mobile phone networks to ensure coverage is accessible on even the most remote mine sites and transport routes. This revolutionary technology enables consistent communication between all parties, as well as closer monitoring and so increased safety for staff, vehicles, and other property. By monitoring multiple aspects of vehicle telemetry through GPS tracking you can improve compliance with company and industry standards while increasing the use and efficiency of all equipment.

Safety first

With mine sites and cargo routes located in remote locations, often very far from head offices and other work sites, it’s imperative for a mining company to be able to know where their workers are in order to guarantee their safety. Fleet tracking in Australia with Web Track means workers have access to emergency SOS features to alert for help should something go wrong, it monitors driving patterns and highlights unsafe practices such as speeding, excessive idling or braking to improve best practice behaviour and prevent unauthorised use of often dangerous equipment.

Anti-theft tool tracker

Web Track’s best GPS tracker not only provides peace of mind to remote workers with it’s SOS signalling features should they encounter any accident or danger, it also allows employers and clients to know where their expensive equipment and cargo is at all times. This increased security can improve customer confidence as well as take the pressure of employers to track and find vehicles and loads should they be hijacked or stolen. By receiving alerts should a vehicle be used in an unauthorised location, it’s possible to keep a close eye on employee behaviour which in turn improves overall compliance.

How can Web Track help you?

By establishing real-time information updates on mining assets via a vehicle monitoring system you can aggregate and utilise this data to streamline your processes and improve overall efficiency. From improved safety and employee security, to quickly deploying and monitoring remote works, the benefits of a GPS tracking system are overwhelming for the mining industry. Web Track has been providing accurate GPS systems since 1992, so trust in our knowledge to find the right system for your business regardless of size. To find out more about our mobile tracking devices for sale contact us here, or give us a call today on 1300 138 030.