Customer Service

Increased competition within most industries in Australia means customer service is more important than ever. The most straightforward way to improve customer communication and increase retention is to be able to provide clients with up to date information in regards to accurate delivery times, vehicle movement information, and proactively informing them of any issues or delays. A GPS tracking device provides you with real-time information that you can pass on to your customers, keeping communication lines open and customer satisfaction at an all time high.

Vehicle monitoring systems

Beat out your competitors by incorporating a vehicle tracking device into your fleet management processes. Web Track GPS tracking will improve your ability to keep customers happy, and act as an effective marketing tool with increased information available and faster response times. Our experienced team is available to install monitoring systems on individual vehicles or an entire fleet, allowing you to monitor the location of all cargo and even track it in the case of it being lost or stolen. The fatigue management module can also protect all parties from “chain of responsibility” liabilities, and reduce any issues with clear and accurate data sets of movement times and vehicle behaviour.

Accurate vehicle information

The ability to provide clear and immediate vehicle information is an immediate boost to your customer service processes. Having real-time updates and proof of vehicle and driver location means the customer has increased confidence in your ability to deliver goods as promised, and accurate reports and invoices for proof of delivery and service remove the possibility of disagreements at a later date. A GPS monitoring system is invaluable for fleet tracking in Australia, as regardless of location or remote routes you can monitor the location and time spent at jobs and proactively inform customers of any delays or issues.

Increased customer confidence

Clear communication means content customers. Once they understand they have access to real-times updates, communicated quickly and provided by informed staff, clients will be happy in the knowledge their cargo is being tracked, and an accurate delivery time is available. It’s no surprise that customer retention has been proven to increase significantly with the installation of vehicle monitoring systems, as GPS tracking devices provide transparency and accurate invoices and proof of delivery reports. A major boost in customer satisfaction comes from the invaluable anti-theft tool tracker function of vehicle tracking devices, as clients can have a peace of mind knowing should cargo be lost or stolen it can be tracked and found immediately.

How WebTrack can help

Keeping customers happy is the best thing a business can do, and the innovative range of GPS tracking devices by WebTrack makes that easier than ever. From vehicle monitoring systems, anti-theft tools, and SOS alert functions, customers can be satisfied all elements are being consistently monitored and updated and easily available in real-time. Having proof of delivery and accurate vehicle movement times can be a game change for customer retention. For more information on our GPS vehicle tracking devices and how they can increase customer confidence contact us here, or give us a call today on 1300 138 030.