GPS Personal Tracking

The ability to track vehicles online is the best solution for automotive security as it lets you know where your vehicle is located instantly and obtain reports on its trips through various means.

Why Use Personal Tracking Devices in Australia?

Using GPS tracking units for your employees can let you view the location of individuals within a single dashboard login. It is possible to generate reports that you can customise to fit your needs and make it easier on your end. An emergency SOS button is available in case your drivers experience an unwanted situation and this will notify you immediately of their status.

Furthermore, you can also make phone calls to numbers that have been programmed ahead of time so you can contact the people you need in case of emergencies.

Benefits of Using Personal Tracking in Australia

Any business that wants to keep track of their vehicle assets and drivers could benefit from personal tracking systems. Here are some of the advantages that you can get when choosing to obtain its functionalities today.

Duty of Care & Compliance

Having the ability to record travel data such as speed, routes and even driver health, our personal tracking systems won’t have any of the pitfalls common in manual diary systems. You are guaranteed free from human error or any falsification of records ensuring that you are in compliance with regulation at all times.

With real-time reports and alerts available to the fleet manager, they will know when exactly a driver is approaching their rest period, how long they need to rest and get a notification if they have exceeded their driving time.


Having the ability to see the bigger picture is always crucial. Being able to protect your assets, obtain data on their location and use, keep an eye on your drivers and plan routes accurately can lead your business towards success.

Employee GPS Tracking: Mobile Phones

With the EZ223, you can make use of a hand-held tracking technology that will let you map and monitor your workers online and in real-time.

You can also make use of our customized mobile phone tracker that is intended to run on mobile devices with a unique reporting setup. The SafeTcell lets you get positions based on the angle your drivers are headed and the speed and distance they have made so far.

We at Webtrack are known as pioneers and revolutionaries when it comes to GPS tracking Perth and all around Australia. If you’re looking for a solid vehicle tracker system today, come and visit our website to learn more.