Transportation companies today realise that they need to stay updated in finding new and innovative ways of managing their fleets while improving profitability, safety, compliance and customer service. All of these areas need to be fulfilled if they wish to stay in business and get ahead of their competition. This is where advanced technology and features such as a GPS system could be very useful.

Why Use a Transport Fleet GPS Tracking Device?

With GPS tracking systems, you can always check the whereabouts and status of your deliveries and assets at any time. It allows you to monitor your vehicles, know the location of your staff and allocate tasks on-the-go.

Our solutions at Webtrack are intended to provide owners with updated information on time and distances that are travelled by their assets, the routes they have taken, monitor driver fatigue and much more. The bad news is that there are still many transport companies who fail to realise the benefits of a GPS tracking system, resulting in regulation breaches, security issues and unauthorised vehicle usage.

Benefits of Using a Vehicle Tracking System

It is quite clear now that GPS tracking has its benefits and the important data that are being gathered may be used to:

Improve Profitability, Productivity & Security

With Webtrack’s GPS tracking solutions, businesses will significantly reduce the risks of managing a mobile workforce as it can provide managers with real-time data on their assets and employees. Customers will also be happy knowing that goods and services are delivered on time. This means more business and hopefully more profitability if managed right.

Lower Fuel Costs

It is a known fact that GPS tracking systems can help lower fuel expenses by minimising unauthorised vehicle uses, over speeding and vehicle idling. Aside from that, managers can optimise the routes taken by their drivers to let them get there faster and with less cost.

Comply with Regulation

The GPS tracking and fleet management solutions that we offer have the functionalities needed to flag for maintenance alerts, keep track of employee work hours and rest periods while monitoring behaviour. These detailed reports will allow fleet managers to see which drivers have good performance and which ones would require additional training. This kind of analysis on behaviour shows that the company is implementing the required safety measures needed to comply with the regulation.

How Can Webtrack Help Your Transport and Logistics Business?

Starting out as a provider of heavy vehicle tracking systems in the 1990s, Webtrack has always been known as pioneers and revolutionaries in developing the best GPS tracking and fleet management systems intended for the transport industry. Many big Australian transport companies are using our technology and features because of the high level of customer service, competitive pricing and dependable functionalities.

By choosing to use our products and services for your transport business, we can help you achieve all of your goals while letting you manage your fleet a whole lot better. Why don’t you give us a call now or send us a message and we can talk more about your company’s needs.