Increased Productivity

It’s been shown that a vital part of employee productivity is a strong sense of security, and nowhere does this apply more than with remote employees. Workers on the road need assurance they can be found immediately should an incident occur, and Webtracks GPS tracking device makes this easy. With improved communication and driver safety both employers and employees can rest easy knowing real-time communication is at play, giving you a serious edge over your competitors.

Work Smarter

A vehicle tracking device not only provides security for both staff and equipment, it also allows you to streamline workloads in a manner of ways. GPS tracking means you can monitor various aspects of a remote vehicle including optimising routes to increase fuel efficiently, tracking hours to reduce overtime and labour costs, and accurate job logs for exact invoicing. It also lifts worker motivation to know employers can see their location, and monitor breaks. Using a GPS tracking device enables you to work smarter, increasing efficiency by allowing more work to occur during job hours and improving a sense of accomplishment in your staff.

Improve Routing Efficiencies

One of the most rewarding elements of using a GPS tracking device in your fleet is that routing data can be obtained, allowing each vehicle and driver to take the most efficient journey. As well as reducing fuel costs, a massive boost to any balance sheet, it reduces wasteful vehicle idling and carbon emissions. By getting rid of inefficient driving you’re ensuring productivity from your employees, as well as putting all your vehicles and equipment to optimal use. Let your GPS system find the guaranteed shortest and quickest routes, ensuring no more wasted mileage and keeping that customer happy.

Effective Response Times

In short, GPS tracking devices can allow you to fit more jobs into a workday. By having immediate knowledge of all vehicles and drivers at your fingertips you can quickly and efficiently allocate resources to get rubber on the road as soon as possible. With the ability to source the nearest suitable driver you can increase the turnaround time of any job, giving you a serious competitive advantage. This reduction in time and labour costs streamlines everyone’s workload, whether they are in the office or on the road, with no more time and money wasted on communication costs by calling unavailable staff. This increased visibility ensures productivity, as staff know they are traceable and contactable which leads to improvements in job satisfaction for all.

How can WebTrack help you?

Having provided companies with effective GPS tracking solutions since the early 90’s, WebTrack has a quality range of effective vehicle tracking devices to suit any size business. We understand how important remote work is to Western Australian business, and are keen to apply our experience to increase the efficiency of your vehicles and improve the productivity of your employees. For more information on tracking devices contact us here, or give us a call today on 1300 138 030.