P-3 Personal GPS Tracker

The P-3 Personal Tracker is a hand held GPS Tracking device specifically designed for safety monitoring of non-vehicle based field staff (such as in-home nursing, letterbox delivery teams), with an emphasis on visual ‘bread crumb” reporting screens, SOS and service delivery.

The P-3 is compact, light in weight, user friendly and equipped with a fast acquisition GPS module providing accurate location tracking. The P-3’s SOS button offers the user easy access to send SOS Emergency Alert via E-mail or SMS to notify their office of a crisis situation, showing their actual location. Staff can also call pre-set phone numbers with the push of a single button. The P-3 is also equipped with a high capacity battery which avoids the need for frequent charging and also comes with a simple drop-in cradle for charging.

The P-3 is an ideal GPS Solution for companies and Government departments with Field Staff, Lone Workers, Foot Patrols and Sub-Contractors where the focus is on the employee’s safety, whilst knowing where staff is LIVE, where they have been and how they got there.

P-3 devices on the Webtrack GPS solution is optimised for PC, Tablets or Smart Phones.

The Webtrack dashboard makes it simple to view the location of employees, run historic reports, provide Proof of Delivery to clients, Routes taken, Client Visits, Speeding and much more. No matter what the application, the P-3 Personal Tracker will provide you peace of mind knowing your staff are safe as well as providing the services required.


Portable GPS TrackerNo install, ideal for sub-contractors or non-vehicle based employees
SOS – Duress ButtonOne push SOS emergency alerts sent via Email/SMS to an unlimited recipients
Small in Size 68 x 46 x 18 mmEasily concealed
Speaker-phone capabilityReceive phone calls
Lithium-Polymer 3.7v 800mAh Battery8-10 Hours battery life at full charge
Charging cradle with pin connected chargingEasy and fast re-charge capabilities (USB, 240v and DC power socket)

Web Track Web Interface

Live Location (60 sec updates)Live tracking of 1 or more vehicles on the same dashboard view. (see below)
Google Mapping & ImageryRecognised as the most superior mapping technology available which also includes Google Street View and Google Traffic
SOS Alert NotificationDelivered via website pop-up notifications, Email or SMS Alerts
Visual ‘Cookie Trail’ ReportsReplay routes taken and confirm the most efficient practices are maintained
All Positions ReportingMinute by minute location feed
Unlimited Geo-FencingName your customer, homes, offices and work sites and also run reports based on visits, arrival and departure as well as Alert for unauthorised departures


  • Emergency SOS Alert
  • Geo-Fence Enter Alert
  • Speeding Alert
  • Geo-Fence Exit Alert
  • Geo Fence Speeding Alert