Cost Saving

In order to continuously improve your finances there are two elements that need to be focused on; expanding productivity by streamlining processes, and increasing the amount of jobs you take on. When applied correctly, a GPS tracking device can provide you with both by implementing a range of cost saving benefits from reduced fuel costs to improved time management. You’ll soon see how the vehicle tracking device cost leads to a serious expenditure reduction in other areas of the company. As Western Australia’s experts in fleet monitoring, Webtrack supplies only the best GPS tracker systems and can ensure quality devices regardless of your company size.

Electronic Timesheets

When managing remote staff and lone workers it can be difficult to ensure accuracy of employee work hours, as you are relying on them to correctly document details. An easy way to bypass that issue is use a vehicle tracking device to monitor each job exactly, from the route taken to time spent on break. By removing the responsibility of recording work hours from staff, especially drivers, you can improve trust between employers and employees as well as eliminate exaggerated work hours or incorrect overtime claims. Installing the best GPS tracker allows for electronic timesheets to streamlines the process and reduce unnecessary labour costs.

Monitor the use of company vehicles

There many benefits of using a vehicle tracking device, particularly when it comes to monitoring the use of company vehicles with complete accuracy. By removing the inability to know whether someone used company equipment after hours you can improve trust in employees and ensure the security of all property. It also has the benefit of tracking and optimising routes taken, allowing for faster job completion and a more productive workforce. This reduction in fuel and maintenance costs and increase in workload adds up to a GPS tracker becoming an effective cost saving method.

Reduce Communication Costs

With a team out on the road, communication between employees in all locations is a vital part of keeping your business running smoothly. However the constant calls to find staff members’ locations, or to see if they are available for a last minute job, can lead to big phone bills. By adding a transparent system that allows you to monitor everyone’s location and availability these calls are immediately reduced, streamlining the communication workload for everyone. An in-cabin console has plenty of other benefits, such as safety alerts, driver fatigue management, optimising navigation, and overall easier communication functionality.

How can Webtrack help you?

Let us help streamline your business by finding you the best GPS tracker on the market. Together we can reduce wasted time and money on fuel, labour, and communication, and increase cost-saving in multiple areas of your company. Here at Webtrack our experience in vehicle monitoring systems dates back to 1992, and we pride ourselves in providing our fellow Western Australians with only the highest quality products. To find out more about vehicle tracking devices costs contact us here, or give us a call today on 1300 138 030.