About Us - GPS Tracking Solutions

WebTrack have been providing cost effective & cutting edge GPS solutions to individuals, and small to medium sized businesses throughout Australia since 1992. We pride ourselves on our service & won’t be beaten on price.

GPS systems are incredibly valuable as the tracking technology offers a range of applications. The devices can be attached to a single car or an entire fleet of commercial vehicles to track all movements. Regardless of your tracking specifications, we can deliver a solution to meet all individual requirements.

WebTrack provides GPS solutions to individuals and small to medium sized businesses across Australia.

Our systems are designed to be user friendly. The devices provide detailed information which can be accessed via a smartphone or other specialised software. Location data and other vital information are useful in commercial applications from fleet management to asset tracking.

Whether you need GPS tracking devices for personal use or to reduce operation costs, we offer a wide range of options. Our products can be tailored to exact specifications and according to individual needs. We even offer professional installation services which are backed by a lifetime warranty.

The following mobile tracking solutions are available with WebTrack.


For over 10 years we have revolutionized GPS Tracking in Australia by developing a wide range of the most advanced GPS Tracking devices and accessories catering for every business sector.