Managing a remote workforce brings a unique set of challenges, from consistent communication to the ability to track each vehicle at any time. Many of these issues can be prevented or improved on with clear data sets of vehicle and driver behaviour, allowing you to make educated decisions to mobilise staff quickly while reducing all risks associated with managing mobile vehicles. Visibility is key, and the best GPS tracker by WebTrack provides monitoring on driver location and behaviour, as well as reliable asset visibility and anti-theft tracker protection.

Fleet Tracking in Australia

The vast landscape of Australia can be a real challenge when it comes to the coordination of a remote workforce, but the use of a GPS vehicle tracking device allows you to see your entire fleet at once and locate a specific vehicle in seconds. Being able to know where everyone is means you can accurately plan routes, assign drivers, and assure customers their cargo is safely monitored. This real-time tracking via vehicle monitoring systems protects both your workforce and assets, and the coverage provided by the GPS system guarantees communication even in the remotest corners of Australia.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

Vehicle monitoring by GPS not only allows for smoother processes of job allocation and accurate route timing, it also enables you to track driver behaviour. By receiving alerts when vehicles are speeding or engaging in excessive idling, you can clamp down on wasteful behaviour to reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions. Having overall visibility of driver behaviour improves vehicle efficiency, reduces long term maintenance costs, and enhances staff productivity. GPS tracking systems improve fleet management by providing accurate data sets and real-time vehicle location ability, allowing for extensive reporting on all vehicles and drivers.

Anti-theft Tool Tracker

One of the biggest benefits of incorporating a vehicle tracking device into your fleet management system is the ability to track and find any assets should they be lost or stolen. The real-time data provided by a GPS tracking device provides peace of mind to employers, drives, and clients that both assets and remote workers are safely monitored and easily trailed.

Web Track has innovative mobile tracking devices for sale that provide overall visibility of fleet movement, providing security to existing and potential customers that their cargo is safe and guaranteed to arrive on time. Drivers can rest assured their whereabouts are always visible should anything go wrong, and this in turn increases productivity and overall job security.

How can WebTrack help?

By developing a range of innovative GPS solutions for fleet tracking in Australia, WebTrack can provide you with the ability to see the big picture and keep a close and accurate eye on the movement and behaviour of vehicles and drivers, regardless of location. Our high-tech GPS tracking devices are easy to use, and created to increase staff productivity while reducing fuel costs and risks related to managing a mobile workforce. For more information on our mobile tracking devices for sale contact us, or give us a call today on 1300 138 030.