Business Benefits of GPS Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking for Your Business

Reduce Risk

Webtrack GPS Tracking Solutions help reduce the risks associated with managing a mobile workforce by providing real-time information about location (including SOS pendants attached to employees) and vehicle notifications in the event of roll-over or impact accidents. It also allows the business to track the trail of an employee no longer in contact with base due to remote area locations.

Improve Customer Service

GPS vehicle tracking for businesses will assist in keeping your customers happy by making sure delivery of goods and services is on time.

Improve Response Times

When you need to dispatch the nearest driver GPS Tracking gives you the edge you need on your competition.

Improve Productivity

By better managing your employees you will know exactly where they are and will be in a better position to react to situations a lot quicker.

Reduce Fuel Costs

GPS Tracking reduces fuel costs by eliminating wasteful idling, speeding and unauthorised vehicle usage and by optimising routes.

Reduce Labour Costs

Knowing that your driver’s hours are accountable eliminates unnecessary overtime.

Reduce Communications Costs

By using the Webtrack in vehicle Driver Console Unit with numerous capabilities; messaging, navigation, routing, safety alerts and fatigue management.

Improve Driver Safety

Drivers are more responsible when they are aware you are tracking their vehicle activity. You will also have peace of mind that you know precisely where they are if ever they require assistance.

Invoice More Accurately

GPS Tracking reports provide detailed logs that allow you to determine and prove the exact time spent at a job when dealing with invoice disputes.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By eliminating inefficient driving and wasteful idling, you can drastically reduce your carbon emissions.

Theft Recovery

GPS Tracking helps you to pro-actively identify the theft of a vehicle and then help you and the authorities to recover the vehicle.

Complying With Duties and Responsibilities

The duty and responsibility is more heavily placed on companies and agencies to provide a safe working environment for their remote workers.

Complying With Regulatory Demands

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) law, Duty of Care obligations, Insurance obligations, Fatigue Management law and 3rd party litigation.