Cut Your Fleet Size & Costs

To effectively cut costs in any business, streamlining of processes is key. For companies with a focus on fleet vehicle management this means increasing efficiency with each job put on the road, enabling you to cut your overall fleet size and reduce costs involving remote workers. By far the simplest way to do that is to incorporate GPS tracking to ensure optimal routes are taken, ensuring accurate delivery times and securing your property by knowing where it is at all times. This increased productivity saves costs, and allows for prime fleet size. As experts in fleet tracking Australia, Webtrack has a range of mobile tracking options to suit any business size.

Maximise Productivity

Regardless of how many vehicles you have on the road at one time, closely managing employees is essential to reducing costs. Using a GPS tracking system for fleet management means you can react immediately should an employee incident or property theft occur, as well as optimise routes taken and time spent on a job. Knowing they are being monitored increases staff productivity, and provides you with real time data and reports. This information allows you to correctly analyze your operations in detail, and make the best organisational adjustments for your business.

Optimise Operational Performance

A prime way to increase effective performance from all employees is to have real time data at your fingertips, ensuring you are tracking all movement so you can react quickly and efficiently. Knowing the location and availability of employees seriously reduces communication costs, and increases operational performance for both office staff and drivers on the road. Fleet tracking in Australia, where there’s vast areas of land to be covered, requires efficiency in all areas. Introducing elements such as electronic timesheets and fatigue management streamlines all related processes in turn. Quick turnaround times means increased profitability, optimal vehicle use, and fast deliveries that ensure customer satisfaction.

Reduce Costs

A huge cost for any business relying on extensive transport functions is fuel. Using a GPS tracking system for fleet management guarantees optimal routes are taken, reducing fuel costs and carbon emissions. Taking the most efficient routes means less maintenance costs, and improved customer satisfaction with fast and accurate delivery times. Having lone workers and remote staff used to mean a lack of control over vehicle use, but the addition of a vehicle tracking device means you can track unauthorized use of equipment. By accurately monitoring your staff you can improve productivity as they know they cannot get away with certain behaviours, and are more likely to work efficiently leading to reduced costs overall thanks to better time management.

How can WebTrack help you?

As experts in fleet tracking Australia, WebTrack has been providing cutting edge GPS solutions to businesses of all sizes since 1992. Our extensive industry knowledge means you can rely on us to offer cost effective solutions that are designed to reduce overheads and streamline processes across the company. For more information about our cost saving GPS tracking systems for fleet management contact us here, or give us a call today on 1300 138 030.