GPS Tracker For Construction Equipment

Construction companies need new ways of managing their equipment such as mobile cranes, earth moving equipment as well as heavy trucks and service vehicles.


These assets are expensive and vulnerable to theft and unauthorised use. GPS Tracking ensures better and effective monitoring of fleet assets from vehicle and equipment recovery to optimised fuel use, exception alerts, maintenance scheduling and green fleet optimization. Being able to combine these with new business opportunities that improve profitability and cost savings, is fundamental to any successful business in the construction industry.

GPS Tracker For Heavy Equipment

Accurately track your equipment maintenance needs by tracking hours of operation and service intervals via the GPS tracking system. With a GPS tracking system you are able to extract data on the exact time increments on the movement of your equipment. In addition, you can also track the use of the vehicles used to haul your heavy equipment with GPS tracking systems.

With the current availability of highly sophisticated GPS tracking devices and tracking software, a business owner can easily view the location of their equipment any time, day or night. With verified GPS tracking, you’ll know exactly what the actual hours of use are for any or all of your equipment. Easily charge-out your rental equipment based on actual usage as well as verifying the correct number of hours worked by employees.

Benefits of GPS Tracker For Heavy Equipment

The benefits of GPS Tracking for heavy equipment and construction industry:

  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Improve productivity and profitability
  • Accurate billing and easier contract bidding
  • Monitor maintenance requirements of expensive equipment
  • Manage remote workers and satisfy corporate responsibility