Working within the public sector comes with many specific requirements when it comes to employee and asset management. In order to comply with legislation and satisfy strict corporate accountability it is essential that each staff member’s safety is guaranteed, while ensuring expensive equipment is tracked and monitored. Being able to keep a close and secure eye on all moving parts means it’s also easier to improve productivity, and streamline all processes. Web Track has developed an exciting range of GPS tracking systems for fleet management, personal monitoring, and anti-theft tool trackers that are a perfect fit for Government departments thanks to their highly secure systems and focus on improving efficiency.

GPS Tracking Solutions

Our unique product portfolio of carefully designed products offers a range of solutions to suit any Government department format or local council requirements. With vehicle monitoring systems available for fleets of any size you can rest assured that expensive assets and vulnerable remote sectors can be tracked via GPS tracking devices at any time. As well as providing anti-theft tracker tools, a mobile tracking device can monitor employees and so manage valuable capital equipment that are vulnerable to theft, damage, or fraudulent use.

Employee safety

A top priority within any Government sector is the guarantee of safety for each and every employee. As well as providing job security and improving the overall well being of staff, it ensures all essential health and safety legislation is adhered to. With a range of innovative solutions available from Web Track in regards personal monitoring, such as mobile phone monitoring and SOS alert functionalities for use within Vehicle monitoring systems, employers and employees can rest assured communication will be available and help always at hand. In the case of a “man down” situation these alerts will prove invaluable, guaranteeing personal safety standards for each member of the department.

Comply with legislation

Government agencies have a duty to ensure the safety of their employees, and so are bound to comply with Occupational Health and Safety legislation. This essentially means each possible risk must be assessed to guarantee no-one is exposed to improper risks, and should that be the case then the appropriate measures are taken to ensure everyone’s safety. By incorporating personal monitoring and GPS systems for fleet management into the work processes you are ensuring each employee is covered at all times, and communication and SOS alerts are available should something go wrong. As well as ensuring compliance with safety regulations it also provides you with an overview of movement, spotting issues quickly and allowing you to make efficient improvements easily.

What Web Track has to offer

The Web Track range of GPS Tracking Solutions is designed to help Government departments of all sizes with a range of issues, from providing safety to staff and alerts in emergencies to complying with safety legislation and improving overall productivity. As experts in innovative Australian designed GPS technology, we are proud to assist our Government in streamlining their processes and improving efficiency. To find out more about our mobile tracking devices for sale contact us here, or give us a call today on 1300 138 030.