Reduce Carbon Footprint

As with most companies who rely on a large mobile fleet to fulfill their business needs, a growing concern is the environmental impact of carbon emissions as well as the rising fuel costs. While large numbers of vehicles on the road are a necessity in many industries, accurate fleet tracking in Australia can reduce unnecessary vehicle wear and tear while lowering fuel costs. GPS tracking systems provide a valuable service in this regard by monitoring negative driver behaviour such as speeding or idling allowing for it to be tackled head on, as there is a moral obligation as well as a practical necessity to rescue fuel costs and cut dangerous emissions.

Vehicle Monitoring Systems

Careful monitoring of vehicles and drivers by GPS tracking systems guarantees the improvement of driver behaviour, as well ensuring reduced maintenance costs in the future. By providing a business with accurate data on driver behaviour, the best GPS tracking  as designed by Web Track allows you to see just how efficient, or inefficient, your fleet is running. This will enable the company to make informed decisions on how to improve and streamline processes through improving routes and clamping down on wasteful driving patterns, leading to the reduction in unnecessary fuel use.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

One driver may think that his excessive idling will make no difference, but it all adds up when your company is responsible for a large fleet of vehicles. A truly shocking 8.9 billion gallons of fuel is wasted annually due to avoidable speeding and idling, an incredible amount of fuel (and money) burnt up thanks to wasteful driving practices. Implementing GPS tracking devices allows for accurate monitoring of each vehicle, providing a clear overall picture of fuel use; effectively utilising these data and reports can lead to a dramatic 20 percent reduction in fuel costs over time. Receive alerts when excessive idling occurs, and monitor speeding to reduce vehicle maintenance costs, increase employee safety, and reduce carbon emissions.

Accurate Vehicle Routing

In order to facilitate a streamlining of all fleet management processes it’s important to track each vehicle and ensure accurate routing is being followed by all. As well as reducing fuel costs and carbon emissions, focusing on accurate vehicle routing can mean improved services for customers and reduced time on the road for drivers. Given the scope of the Australian landscape, any improvements in routing and driving can have a significant effect on high fuel costs, and preventing unnecessary releases of harmful greenhouse gases. GPS tracking provides clear evidence of fleet behaviour, allowing for it’s overall improvement.

How can WebTrack help you?

Each of the innovative GPS solutions provided by WebTrack is designed to provide valuable data that enables any company, regardless of size, to streamline their processes and make smarter decisions when it comes to routing and preventing excessive idling. As well as reduce wasteful carbon emissions, our effective solutions allow you to reduce fuel and vehicle maintenance costs. For more information on our mobile tracking devices for sale contact us here, or give us a call today on 1300 138 030.