Tracking devices have become commonplace in the logistics, transport, security, and construction sectors – and for good reason. From ensuring cargo safety to monitoring navigation and driver behaviour, the business advantages of a reliable GPS tracker are undeniable. 

When it comes to selecting the right advanced tracking technology for your needs, you’ll likely be comparing satellite vs cellular GPS signal strength. 

The following guide outlines the key benefits of each form of robust GPS tracking device, and how it can deliver high traceability and accountability for enhanced data collection and reliable ROI.

Key benefits of GPS tracking in Perth

From powered and non-powered equipment to all forms of vehicles, it’s worthwhile tracking every asset you can. Leading technology for GPS tracking in Perth means there’s a tracker available to suit your exact needs, whether you prioritise real-time tracking, visibility, anti-theft tools, or optimised data analysis.


GPS trackers come in two main formats. Cellular tracking utilises data transmitted via nearby cell towers; a group of which is known as a cellular network. Trackers using GPS satellites collect data from satellites orbiting the earth. 

While cellular tracking can sometimes produce faster results with more detail, satellite trackers are highly respected within WA companies thanks to their reliability in Australia’s remotest areas. Ideal applications include:

  • Cargo units
  • ISO containers
  • Rail cars
  • Shipping containers
  • Fuel, IBC, frac and acid tanks
  • Cable spools
  • Vehicles and trailers

Highly compatible GPS tracker devices

The effectiveness of a quality GPS tracker lies in its ability to locate and monitor a vehicle or asset regardless of its location, negating the need for a mobile signal to communicate with drivers. This powerful capability stems from how compatible these devices are with the global satellite network, recording and transmitting up-to-the-minute data to result in accurate timestamps. 

GPS satellites track location information as often as every 5 seconds. This produces an immense amount of vital data that can be used to track valuable assets, increase visibility, reduce the risk of theft, inform clients, improve routing, and reduce poor driver behaviour. In short – enhance all-around operational productivity, whether you manage a fleet of vehicles or run security services. 

How does the GPS network operate?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and it is made up of over 30 satellites orbiting the Earth. A GPS signal is constantly being sent out, allowing you to receive a computer or mobile signal and calculate your location from almost anywhere – once your GPS device can collect signals from at least 4 satellites.

Leading GPS tracker solutions from WebTrack

Innovative products for GPS tracking in Perth enable you to reduce costs and improve asset management, all while ensuring the safety of your staff and cargo. WebTrack is a leading provider of premium GPS tracking devices to large Australian companies, government agencies, the logistics industry, and WA construction companies.

From Hard-Wired Tracking Units (installed by experts for niche activity reports) to Plug and Go Units (ideal for capturing real-time data) there is a tracking system available to suit any requirement. 

Browse WebTrack’s suite of GPS tracking products online now, or get in touch today to discuss the ideal GPS tracking solution for your industry and needs.