Ensuring all drivers are safe on the road is a key area of focus for all fleet managers, but it also deserves full attention from senior staff. As well as acting responsibly to take care of your employees and guarantee their well-being, it’s essential to maintain clear safety and compliance records for insurance purposes.

Thorough driver training, vehicle maintenance, and safety policies can only go so far, as once vehicles are on the road they’re out of your control. Right? Wrong! Incorporating GPS trackers to your fleet provides accurate to-the-minute data, improving performance along with employee safety standards by ensuring any incidents are responded to immediately. 

Rise In OHS Demand

Passing Occupational Health and Safety regulations has taken increased importance in recent years, with strict rules around Fatigue Management, Duty of Care, and Chain of Responsibility.   By using live tracking you can monitor employee security as well as any unsafe driving; any poor behaviour can later be used as an example to improve health and safety training. 

Take this a step further and utilise Webtracks Driver Fatigue Solution, a real-time solution that accurately calculates the drivers hours and rest stops before alerting both driver and fleet manager. By taking the guesswork out of recommended driving and rest times you can easily abide by OHS regulations, keeping drivers safe.. 

Minimise Your Costs

By using an efficient means to track drivers hours, monitor vehicles, and help fleet managers handle their Occupational Health and Safety responsibilities in an effective manner, you’re creating a safe work atmosphere that fosters productivity. This improved functionality will save money in the long run, through less employee incidents and sick days, and reduced cargo theft with accurate vehicle and stock tracking. 

Another vital factor to take into consideration is how clear, detailed safety and compliance records can result in lower insurance premiums. Australian companies with vehicle fleets can struggle with high insurance, but real-time data and reduced safety risks can help combat this. 

Take Care of Your Staff

Looking after employee safety aboslutely reaps monetary benefits. By providing a safe work environment, backed up by data, productivity and job satisfaction increase, meaning lower staff turnover. Monitoring driving quality is proven means to reduce incidents and keep your employees safe and abiding by OHS regulations.

All GPS tracker variations are designed for ease-of-use for drivers, with no distracting features. Should an accident, breakdown, or other incident occur, it’s easy to find any vehicle location. Installing panic buttons or “Man Down” alerts removes serious risk for remote workers, and this increase in safety and compliance means improved employee performance.

Reliable employee safety with Webtrack

Offering top of the line GPS tracking and fleet management tools, Webtrack can help improve your fleet management regardless of size or scale. Being able to identify key areas of bad, and good, driver performance through set KPIs can lead to increased turnover, all while improving staff safety and compliance and abiding by Occupational Health and Safety regulations here in Australia.If you have queries around how to reduce risk within your company, or improve all-round employee safety, get in touch today. The friendly WebTrack team can advise on which GPS tracking solutions and Driver Fatigue Solutions will work for your business to result in performance improvements and higher safety standards.