Mining and industrial work can be demanding and risky, which means security and safety are vital concerns in these industries. With such enormous worksites, things can easily go wrong if processes are unorganised or unmonitored, and therefore the level of efficiency has a direct impact on safety. So, if you’re an industrial company manager, you’ll probably jump at the chance to acquire equipment which makes employee and asset management smoother, and creates a more secure worksite. GPS tracking devices can have a variety of benefits for your mining or industrial workplace, as this technology improves efficiency, reduces the risks of the worksite, and makes the company more successful.

What Tracking Your Fleet Means

GPS vehicles tracking involves installing devices in all the vehicles in your fleet, so that you can track their movements and see their exact location at any time. With GPS tracking that uses both communication satellites and mobile phone networks, you’ll be able to locate your vehicles in even the most remote areas of Western Australia. This improves safety for your staff when they’re working in isolated mine sites, or travelling through remote regions, as you’ll still know where they are if anything happens. You can also monitor staff movements to ensure efficient work, and compliance with industry standards.

How Does GPS Technology Save You Money?

Less Expensive Maintenance

GPS tracking provides a range of reports which help you keep note of your vehicles’ maintenance requirements, so you can carry out preemptive maintenance before they require expensive emergency repairs. Vehicle misuse can also contribute to costly maintenance expenses, but with GPS tracking you’ll know how your vehicles are being handled and will be able to prevent this from happening. 

Track Expenses

With GPS tracking you can easily do fleet management in Perth. If you’re unaware of how your employees are using your vehicles, then you won’t know when they’re causing unnecessary costs. GPS fleet tracking allows you to track expenses like business mileage, employee fuel use, and other tax liabilities. With this information, you can do cost saving things like determine quicker routes and highlight expensive driving activities, such as speeding or idling.

Data Is The Future Of Efficiency

The data provided by GPS tracking can be invaluable in an industry where efficiency is such an important concern. The device turns complex data into simple and meaningful data management reports which you can use to optimise time, energy efficiency, and resource management on your worksite. Employee management will become easier as well, because your employees will know they’re being monitored and therefore will work more efficiently. 

GPS Tracking For Your Workplace

If you’re a mining or industrial company manager, and know you could benefit from improved efficiency in your workplace, then GPS tracking may be the answer. Here at WebTrack, we offer real-time updates on mining assets through our state-of-the-art vehicle monitoring system. We have almost 30 years of experience in the industry, and pride ourselves on our cost-effective yet high-quality systems. Contact our team today to learn more.