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Benefits Of Vehicle Locators

  1. More Productivity – Since you will be able to manage your employees better, you will be updated to know where their location is at all times and will be in the proper position to react to certain situations faster.
  2. Lowered Fuel Expenses – With GPS Tracking Perth systems in place, you can be sure that your drivers won’t be wasting resources by over speeding, idling or even unauthorised vehicle use while optimising the routes they are going through.
  3. Cost Savings – You can reduce maintenance and fuel costs since our system will help keep track of driver behaviours such as excessive speeding, idling and revving.

How Can Webtrack Help Your Business?

Companies that are having a hard time monitoring and keeping track of their assets should take advantage of GPS systems today.

Our tracking technology can be used for various applications and can be modified to meet your needs.

Whether you plan to manage your fleet of assets better or simply keep track of a few vehicles, we have the services that you need!

Vehicle Locator

In many industries today, being knowledgeable of the whereabouts of your vehicle assets and equipment is very important to ensure success.

Our GPS tracking solutions can be used to monitor where your vehicles are at all times and provide other essential information such as the routes taken by your driver, the distance they’ve travelled and even driver fatigue.

You can even monitor the use of your vehicles accurately so you know when one is due for maintenance or requires servicing.

With WebTrack’s GPS tracking and fleet management software, you can have full knowledge of your assets and drivers whenever it is needed so you can react immediately to any situation.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Plug and play – OBD-II Port Plug-in No installation fees and easy to transfer between vehicles
Discrete size with supplied extension cable Provides the most sophisticated anti-theft tool yet devised
Back-up lithium battery (8 Hours) Will continue to alert and track if unit un-plugged
Internal cellular and GPS antennas No external wires and antennas
In-built accelerometer Measures speeding, harsh braking, cornering and acceleration
Web Track Web Interface
Features Benefits
Live Location (60 sec updates) Live tracking of 1 or more vehicles on the same dashboard view. (see below)
Google Mapping & Imagery Recognised as the most superior mapping technology available which also includes Google Street View and Google Traffic
Fleet Summary Report Concise reporting of valuable fleet information in summary form
Time Sheet Verification Report Eliminate paying unnecessary overtime
Time On Site Reports Verify service delivery and provide truth in client invoicing.
Client Visit Frequency Report Increase staff productivity and ensure adequate service delivery
Services Due Report & Alert Eliminates manual notification by driver and ensures compliance with vehicle servicing intervals
• Un-plugged Alert

• Speeding Alert

• Excess Idle Alert

• Service Due Alert

• Vehicle Voltage Low Alert

• Ignition Curfew Alert

• Harsh Braking Alert

• Excess Cornering Alert

• Excess Acceleration Alert

• Geo-Fence Enter Alert

• Geo-Fence Exit Alert

• Geo Fence Speeding Alert

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