Tracking vehicle fleets has never been an easy task, particularly across the far-flung regions of Western Australia. As well as ensuring the on-time delivery of cargo and consignments, the safety and security of your drivers and vehicles are of constant consideration.

Learn about the power of an accurate GPS tracker in Perth for fleet management, and how geofencing software takes operational efficiency to a whole new level

The benefits of GPS tracking

Attaching a GPS tracker to each vehicle within your fleet allows you to ensure on-time deliveries with custom routes and location data, easily impressing clients to stand out from the competition. Premium GPS tracking devices allow you to monitor location, speed, fuel usage, and much more from a computer or smartphone, reducing the risk of lost drivers or theft.

Plan optimal routes and enable drivers to change course quickly due to traffic or road blockages, ensuring fast transport with minimal fuel usage across your entire fleet. With up-to-the-minute data reporting and emergency call services, your drivers feel safe and clients are satisfied. 

What is geofencing?

Geofence is a location-based safety feature, used for improved fleet management by setting up a virtual boundary. Used with GPS tracking devices (or other cellular data software) geofencing creates boundaries of any shape or size around a given area to effectively track vehicles and notify all linked devices of predetermined updates and alerts.

This digital fence alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a monitored zone, or simply surround a vehicle parked overnight to advise of suspicious behaviour. Notifications use GPS data to determine whether the vehicle is in or outside the geofenced area.

Advantages of geofencing vs traditional GPS trackers

While traditional GPS trackers are immensely useful for tracking and communicating with vehicles far removed from cell phone service, a GPS tracker in Perth with geofencing takes these capabilities leaps further. 

By notifying the home base about vehicles entering and exiting geofenced locations, tracking accuracy and response times are significantly improved. Custom speeding and ignition curfew alerts allow companies to improve driver safety, with service due and low voltage alerts improving productivity by fixing issues before they become a larger problem. 

Improved safety and productivity for businesses

The security and safety of your employees are essential for overall fleet performance and productivity. The benefits of GPS tracking software with geofencing capabilities include constant driver communication and the monitoring of their conduct to prevent unsafe driving; a key factor that can dissuade clients from using your services. 

The continued growth of employee performance in business metrics shows how important monitoring fleet safety is. With predetermined speed limits, geofencing immediately notifies management of unwanted behaviour as well as excessive fuel usage and ensures emergency lights are used in key areas. 

Innovative GPS trackers in Perth from WebTrack

As a leading provider of innovative GPS solutions for fleet tracking in Australia, Web Track supplies cutting-edge technology with geofencing capabilities to each valued client. 

The Z-7 Waterproof GPS Tracker offers impressive geofencing and accurate reporting services, ensuring both vehicles and employees are secure and on schedule.

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