Having been in the business of supplying premium GPS tracking devices and solutions to a range of industries for almost 3 decades, the expert team here at WebTrack has learnt a thing or two about GPS tracking laws.

Tracking your commercial fleet to monitor vehicle and asset location has huge benefits for a business, particularly when it revolves around being on the road. One road in Australia can be another country’s circumference, so having all the information to hand via GPS tracking is not only practical, but safer for everyone involved. A regular query is whether tracking employees is legal; the simple answer is yes, but other key details are involved.

Laws For WA Businesses 

In short, it is legal to use a GPS tracker or similar device on a vehicle in WA as long as the person being tracked is aware of it. GPS tracking laws vary state to state, and here in Western Australia it clearly states it is illegal to track someone without their knowledge. 

The WA Surveillance Devices Act of 1998 does detail restrictions on the sharing of information gathered via tracking, so carefully follow guidelines and have a secure data safety system in place. By keeping your employees fully informed on the details and benefits will ensure they feel secure, and happy you are abiding by GPS tracking laws. 

Laws For National Businesses

Privacy laws are determined state by state, so national businesses that zig zig across state lines should be clear on varying regulations. Some states (Queensland, ACT, and Tasmania) have no specific reference to GPS tracking, but essentially consent is key with tracking laws.

One way to ensure everything is clearly above board is to apply a label or notice to each vehicle stating it has a GPS tracking device involved. Any employee that uses it will then be aware of the situation, and show implied consent by agreeing to drive said vehicle.

What Can Go Wrong

Where GPS tracking can run into problems is if an issue arises with an employee and it turns out they did not give implied or express consent for a tracking device to be installed on the vehicle they are driving. By carefully navigating this situation from a worker’s first day on the job, and ensuring they understand the data to be captured, you can avoid a conflict with GPS laws. If the company is found to have breached any part of the Act, the business risks a fine of up to $50,000, with additional fines for individuals involved. 

Premium GPS equipment from WebTrack 

The team here at WebTrack has been involved in premium GPS solutions since 1992, and we pride ourselves on offering cutting edge technology to our customers across Australia. We truly believe in the power of GPS systems and the value they can bring to your business, regardless of size. 

We focus on providing user-friendly GPS tracking devices to help gather vital information that keeps your business moving, and assist with asset tracking and fleet management. Should you have any queries we would be happy to discuss them with you, as well as how we can tailor our GPS solutions to your specific requirements. For more information on our GPS tracking devices contact us today.