M8 In-Cabin Console Unit (DCU) With Voice Navigation

The M8 Driver Console Unit (DCU) is a 7 inch (17.8cm) dash mounted (or suction mounted) in-cabin screen which is used for navigation, communication, driver ID and alerting

  • Mapping software for navigation on the DCU including voice navigation
  • In cabin communication / messaging device “to and from” base
  • Ability to send text to DCU (job allocation)
  • Audible alarm alerts driver – excessive speed warning, fatigue warnings
  • Driver login feature including pre-trip questions
  • Driver Fatigue Management (BFM and Standard hours)
  • Electronic Work Diary capability
  • Over speed warning, alert and alarm
  • Route planning and management
  • Geo Manual (Clients create any number of pop-up screens for drivers as they enter a specific location. Typical applications include a known dangerous corner or road, or a manual describing what the driver should do when he reaches a destination, such as instructions to deliver to the rear of building).

Typical Applications

Traditionally this device has been used to track unpowered trailers, shipping containers, fuel tanks, site huts and other large portable buildings and equipment.

Typical Clients

Transport Companies with large fleets of trailers, equipment hire companies, organisations contracting equipment to mine sites.