Modern technology has given us many innovative means to improve navigation. GPS tracking devices in particular have transformed fleet management, enabling large teams to track vehicles, navigate efficiently, and help theft recovery.

One of the more productive developments has been waterproof vehicle GPS trackers, allowing leading WA industries like mining and forestry to safely monitor and navigate large fleets, regardless of weather.

Learn how an advanced rugged GPS tracker can aid your outdoor activities, without worrying about the elements.

What is a standard rugged GPS tracker?

GPS trackers have been a major boon to Australia’s titans of industry, allowing everyone from local logistics companies to national mining corporations to accurately track mileage, monitor fleet locations, and verify delivery times and invoicing.

Advantages include increasing staff productivity, eliminating unnecessary overtime, and definitive data reporting on speeding and vehicle servicing needs.

While standard trackers are incredibly useful, most don’t include external protection. A waterproof GPS tracker removes the risk of weather interference, with a compact water-resistant exterior enabling full functionality during all conditions.

Benefits of a waterproof vehicle GPS tracker 

Advantages of the tough protection provided by a waterproof GPS tracker cannot be understated for those working outdoors. Whether you’re placing a tracker to the outside of a vehicle or on wet clothing, the risk of interference and damage from rugged conditions is eliminated.

Complete protection

The typical wear and tear experienced by standard trackers is aided by an impenetrable exterior casing, creating an encased waterproof GPS system that can easily repel splashes of water in a way separately sold GPS shields cannot.

Latest technology

Within the tough casing lies an innovative GPS tracker developed using the newest technology, offering up-to-the minute data, accurate reports for a wide range of avenues, and a safer working environment for employees thanks to theft alerts and open communication regardless of location.

Smart investment

New technology is a wise choice for any busy organisation, with long-term benefits in place minus the risk of deterioration from dust, rain, and intense weather. Opting for accurate GPS tracking within a protective, waterproof casing increases both reliability and credibility, with guaranteed longevity boosting ROI. 

What a quality waterproof tracker has to offer

As a long-standing leading provider of premium GPS technology, Web Track provides only superior products to our valued customers; whether that’s far-reaching transport fleets or local forestry teams. 

The Z-7 Waterproof Vehicle GPS Tracker is a popular option, offering a superior antenna inside a discrete IP 66 water resistant enclosure for ultimate weather protection. The hardwired installation and back-up battery provides peace of mind to those working remotely, with usage possible regardless of voltage for all forms of vehicles and assets.

Incorporating this innovative rugged GPS tracker – optimised for all smartphones and computers –  into your fleet means knowing vehicles live location,, including arrival and departure times to aid both service updates and theft recovery. 

Find premium waterproof trackers with GPS experts at WebTrack

Discover the benefits a reliable waterproof GPS tracker can bring to your company with Web Track’s premium solutions. With increased staff productivity, smart navigation, and accurate reporting for vehicle and machinery usage, engine hours, time-sheets, and more, the advantages are a transformative asset for businesses of any size.
Learn more about the innovative Z-7 Waterproof GPS Tracker online now, or contact Web Track today to discuss which technology would best aid your mobile resources.