Track your mileage accurately with Webtrack

Accurate reporting at tax time is essential, with the potential for significant returns when it comes to fuel tax credits. Whether you run a small haulage company or a national logistics business, the mileage reports sent to the ATO for light and heavy duty vehicles can net you profit once maximum tax credits are submitted. 

This is where a reliable GPS tracking device comes in. With precise reporting and to-the-minute data, it’s possible to track mileage and fuel for each vehicle within your operation with minimal manual input – working with Webtrack’s premium GPS technology gets you the return you deserve.

How do fuel tax credits work?

Business can be reimbursed by the ATO for the excise cost included in fuel, via fuel tax credits. This excise was introduced to aid road development, and eligible businesses have been entitled to reclaim that additional cost via fuel rebate schemes since the 80’s.

Data shows most business owners are under-claiming, applying 16c per litre for fuel tax credits, when it could be 42c per litre for both light and heavy vehicles. That is a significant difference, and the solution is simple – the higher rate applies when vehicles are used off public roads, as long as you have verification.

The importance of accurately tracking mileage

Lets focus on the vital words of verification and proof. With one simple change in your business operations, it’s possible to claim the higher tax rate for fuel, be it petrol, diesel, or certain blended fuels. Using an accurate car tracking device like Webtrack’s formidable GPS technology provides verified data for each step of your fleet’s journey, AKA that proof required by the ATO. 

As well as allowing you to track location, driver data, vehicle stats, and more, you can measure the exact mileage on both public and ‘non-public’ roads, in order to successfully submit mileage reports and receive the return you deserve. All it takes is implementing GPS tracking on your vehicles, something any business that uses fuel can benefit from

Utilising a car tracking device

The use of a GPS tracking device offers exact data for distances travelled, where and when, and therefore the amount of petrol, diesel, or blended fuel used. In order to qualify for the higher rate of 42c per litre, the ATO looks for verification of certain activities:

  • Light vehicles idling or travelling on private property or off public roads
  • Heavy vehicles idling or travelling on private property or off public roads
  • Auxiliary equipment used on heavy vehicles, for example tippers, fridges, etc

Webtrack has developed market-leading GPS technology to provide you with just that, accurate monitoring of vehicle use that allows you to make the most out of each fuel tax claim. 

Premium GPS tracking devices from Webtrack

Fuel is a significant factor in any business within the logistics and transport sectors, making it vital to claim the most possible amount back via fuel tax credits. Long standing experience as experts in GPS technology for fleets makes Webtrack an industry leader, recognising the inherent value of utilising a car tracking device for accurate data reports that can be converted into real monetary returns. 

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