Keeping track of business assets is an obvious priority for any industry, but it’s not so easy for companies relying on a fleet of moving vehicles. Incorporating the use of a GPS vehicle tracker is a practical, safe, and smart decision to make, keeping staff secure while accurately monitoring ever-evolving activities.

Read on to discover key benefits of a car tracking device, and where to locate the best technology on the market. 

What is a GPS vehicle tracker?

A GPS monitor is a car tracking device installed within a vehicle, used to transmit real-time data to online software. This accurate information can be viewed, analysed, and acted upon by a base team located anywhere in the country.

Not just focused on location, vehicle GPS tracking can provide details on driving behaviour, speed, harsh acceleration and braking, and abrupt movements that may indicate an accident. 

Top-of-the-line trackers such as Telstra’s Cel-Fi GO guarantee premium coverage with an industry leading technology, along with impressive signal processing.

Why your fleet needs vehicle GPS tracking

Collecting accurate data from your fleet provides you with clarity and transparency through on-point statistics. This enables you to improve your business processes, while ensuring the safety of both drivers and cargo should a theft or accident occur. 

In a space as vast as Australia, placing GPS trackers on your vehicle fleet is the responsible thing to do

Increased productivity

One benefit of GPS technology that’s already been embraced by the wider population is efficient route planning. It may not always be clear which is the fastest way for your fleet to traverse the country, but GPS trackers accurately monitor time and fuel use, allowing you to design the most effective routes for your vehicles.

Less fuel consumption 

By closely monitoring the manner in which your drivers operate, as well as poor performing vehicles, you can promote better safety standards. This enables you to reduce the amount of fuel each vehicle in your fleet uses, while tracking fuel use and potential wastage each step of the way. 

Better time management

Tracking the amount of time any vehicle spends on route, at a location, or reaching its final destination, provides invaluable data for improving time management. Quality GPS trackers allow you to see your fleet’s location whenever, with additional alerts possible from geofencing to notify you should a truck get lost, or arrive back at a depot.

Higher driver safety

Employee safety is a prevalent issue in the mind of any business owner, but the vast land of Australia provides its own unique challenges to those in the transport or logistics industries. An accurate car tracking device like Telstra’s Cel-Fi GO also allows you to locate and assist any worker lost or in strife at a remote location. 

Accurate timesheets

Take the hassle out of timesheet management with real-time data from vehicle GPS tracking. Details of exact locations, routes, and vehicle use offer exact information from which to create accurate timesheets for each employee. 

First-class GPS vehicle trackers from Webtrack

Webtrack GPS Tracking Solutions offers transparency to any business relying on a fleet of vehicles, through accurate up-to-the-minute data and real-time location details. 

With GPS trackers available known to be the best on the market, rely on our industry knowledge to bring clarity and efficiency to your business today.