One of the most constant complaints heard about mobile networks is their inflexible limits. Too often on a work journey or road trip you drive directly into an area with some much needed service, only to drive out of it a few seconds later.

If you’ve been looking for a solution to poor cell service, there is an answer to additional phone range from your vehicle. Having been around since 2011, Cel-Fi has paved the way for premium car cellular booster technology with consistent functionality and impressive improvements each step of the way.

What is Cel-Fi?

Cel-Fi is a car phone signal booster, enabling your mobile to connect to and use the Telstra mobile network, that would otherwise be out of reach on the road. Cel-Fi consists of two main units that work together to increase data and improve voice quality from an area of up to 13,000 sq feet.

By placing the Network Unit (NU) in the space where signal is the strongest from your network carrier, and the Coverage Unit (CU) in an area where more signal is required, both components work together wirelessly to improve the range of your phone without cables, or even an internet connection.

Key benefits of a car cellular booster

One of the main reasons to consider installing Cel-Fi in your vehicle is the ability to improve mobile network quality regardless of location. Whether you travel remotely for work, or love to take rural camping trips every weekend, having a secure signal within your vehicle is important for safety and reliable communications.

Impressive technology like Cel-Fi is not commonplace, due to strict policies from mobile operators. The risk of interference issues has resulted in the ban of many consumer boosters, but because it’s specific to the Telstra network, it’s the only approved signal booster that’s compliant with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Cel-Fi’s impressive car phone signal booster

The inherent beauty of Cel-Fi lies in its simplicity. Rather than relying on cables, additional equipment, or changes to your mobile or vehicle, it is a straightforward plug in and go device. As well as making it accessible to a wide range of commercial and private customers, it operates smoothly by working on only one network, removing the risk of interference or connection issues.

Using smart algorithms that maximise the coverage area for each individual user, Cel-Fi is a 3G and 4G car cellular booster that is capable of keeping its home network safe while providing a signal gain of up to 100 dB.

Experience the future of mobile with Webtrack

Webtrack GPS Tracking Solutions are established experts in the field of mobile vehicle technology. Having worked closely with many leading industries here in WA, we have proven data-backed GPS solutions to managing a remote fleet of vehicles across the vast expanse of our country’s landscape.

With a long standing reputation as a provider of reliable vehicle tracking and monitoring activity, Webtrack are proud to offer Cel-Fi’s industry leading car phone signal booster as a high functioning security and communication feature.

Contact us today to discuss any queries about the Cel-Fi Go Mobile Telstra Pack, or to discuss a purchase.